Rap Legal: Understanding Business Name Legal Requirements and More

Yo, let’s talk about the business name legal requirements, yeah that’s right

Before you start your hustle, there are things you gotta know

Make sure you’re legit, so your business can grow

And don’t be sending death threats to nobody

There’s laws against that, don’t be acting so shoddy

Stay in line and keep it cool, that’s how you should be

When it comes to contract verbs, check it out

Understand the language, ain’t no need to pout

That legal lingo, you gotta know what it’s all about

In Illinois, being a legal assistant is tight

Get that average pay, keep your job market insight

Know your worth, yeah, that’s how you gotta fight

Here’s the business manager job description in a PDF

Read it through, understand your duties, you gotta read

Know what’s expected, that’s how you succeed

When making a contract, there’s intention to create legal relations

Make sure it’s all good, no shady situations

Clear and legit, that’s how you make it happen

Want to know how to sell a call option contract on Robinhood?

Check the guide, it ain’t no falsehood

Get them stocks moving, that’s how you make it good

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See the legal world, it’s a place of help and hope

They got your back, that’s how they roll

When you’re in court, need a guardian ad litem court report?

They got the best practices, no need to resort

They’ll help you out, yeah, that’s how they’ll support

Got a finance agreement but wanna cancel it?

Get that expert legal advice, no need to throw a fit

Know your rights, that’s how you take care of it