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The excellent performance of the receiver module, using a digital process technology, with a strong anti-interference, stable performance, high reliability, non-directional, long life, undisturbed Japan imported chips, high stability, low power consumptionsimilar remote control does not have any interference garbled phenomenon, the transmitted signal of the wireless receiver, remote control distance, can pass through walls, no direction. Supporting the use of any of the same frequency remote control can be and market fixed code, learning code.

Super-regenerative receiver module LC oscillator circuit includes amplifier shaping output data signals to TTL level directly to the decoder, the use of extremely easy, and inexpensive, it is widely used. The small size, high sensitivity; frequency point debugging easy, short lead times; consistency of product quality, cost-effective, wireless remote control market, the largest amount the most widely used as a high-frequency receiver module. The receiver module has a wide receiver bandwidth, typically ± 10MHz, factory tune in 433.92MHZ DC5V power supply receiver module.

Static receiver module operating current of 4mA, the receiver module factory output noise output, if there are special requirements can be changed to the noise-free output, but will reduce receiver sensitivity.

Receiver Module Specifications:

  • Operation voltage: 5V DC.
  • Static Current: 4mA.
  • Receiver frequency: 434Mhz
  • Sensitivity:-105DB.
  • Dimension:30*14*7mm.

    Transmmiter Module Specifications:

    • Operating voltage : 5-12V DC.
    • Operating frequency: 434Mhz.
    • Standby current: 10mA.
    • Operating current: 20-28mA.
    • Transmission distance:> 10mtr.
    • Output Power: 16dBm.
    • Transfer rate: <10Kbps.
    • Modulation mode: ASK (Amplitude shift keying)
    • Operating Temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +70 ℃.
    • Size: 19 × 19 × 8mm.
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