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The device use for manual switching home appliances convert to remote operated home appliances. Like lamp, fan and many more appliances operate with wireless remote control. This device fitted inside of your wall plate and connected with back side of electrical switches.

220V 10A 315MHz Wireless Remote Control Switch 1 Channel Transmitter And Receiver Introduction: 220V multifunctional learning controller 1 channel output, relay maximum load is 10A 250V recommend to control 500 watts or less household appliances, pairing by the pairing button on the remote control to obtain permission, no paired remote can not control. Theoretical remote controller value is 150 meters, the actual use is probably about 10-50 meters, more open environment without interference ef

  • fects will be better, the above data for reference only. Features: Wireless digital identification technology, each switch has independently password, do not interfere with each other. Wireless RF remote control, no direction, the signal can pass through walls. No need wiring, saving wiring costs, saving time and effort. Learning and versatile type, equipped with a simple remote control, you can freely choose jog, self-locking and interlocking Status explained: Jog M4: Pressing the A key to
  • open, release to off. Interlock L4: Press A to open, press the B button to closed. Self-locking T4: Click A to open, and then click A to off. Application: The relay control the power, to achieve the operation of electrical appliances through a wireless remote control. For example: Electrical appliances remote (lights on and off, etc.), the security field (electromagnetic locks, access control systems, surveillance equipment and security alarms, etc.) Remote control parameters: Operating volt
  • age: 12V Frequency: 315MHZ Reference distance: 150 meters (This is the theory distance in open environment without interference, practical application due to the interference environment and decreased) Coding Type: Fixed code Dimensions: 63 x 39 x 11.5mm Receiver board parameters: Operating voltage: AC 220V Frequency: 315MHZ Receiving Sensitivity: <- 105 dbm Coding Type: Learning button pairing PCB Dimensions: 54 x 31 x 21mm Reference Instructions: 1, The preparatory work: the controller pow
  • er ON (note the FireWire zero line), remote control installed battery. 2, Pairing the remote control: Press the pairing button, indicator light, let go. The controller in the learning state, then press the first button on the remote control to transmit signal, the receiver board lights flash once, means success learning. This time can be normal operation. You can change the output status through the joints M4 (jog) T4 (self-locking) L4 (interlock). Please turned power off when change state.
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